2016 Reading Challenge: Let’s Go



I feel like every time I’ve come across a cool year-long reading challenge (be it on another blog, on Pinterest, Twitter, etc.), the year has already been half over. I know there’s no ‘rule’ or anything about starting what’s supposed to be a year-long challenge in July, but I am way too perfectionistic and precise about that sort of thing to jump in in the middle. We’re just past the first week of 2016, so I’ve decided that this year, is my year. I’m going for it.

Here’s what I plan to do: There are 12 books on this list and, of course, 12 months in a year. I’m going to take it one book a month, which is a more-than-doable schedule and will give me time to read other books, off-Challenge, as well. I’m also going to blog my way through it, so look for a write-up at the end of each month!

Since three of the [many] goals I’ve set for myself in 2016 are to read moreblog more, and get better at actually finishing what I start, this challenge is perfect. Not only will working my way through this list keep me on top of my TBR pile (which, with a busy work schedule and agonizingly needy mental health issues, is unfortunately not always easy), it will also keep me on top of my goal of writing at least one post on here a month. As for “finishing what I start”, well… I’ve already announced it, so I’m going to look pretty ridiculous if I flake out in March.

SO… 12 books. 12 months. Lots of words. Let’s go.